inetUSA is dedicated to providing you top quality customer service and unparalled technical expertise.

the Company: inetUSA offers a concierge approach to marketing for small to medium sized companies, providing world-class services in the areas of campaign creation and management, custom short-run and high volume printing, website design, creation and hosting, unique advertising techniques and technologies, custom software development and general Internet expertise. Our headquarters is located in Cocoa, Florida which is located on east central Florida’s Space Coast, just south of Kennedy Space Center and about an hours east of Disney World.

Connectivity: inetUSA provides hosting services via a triple-redundant, high-reliability and high-availability data center.  It features direct peering (via BGP4) and route broadcast relationship agreements with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and Spectrum.  Feeds enter our data center (connected to two separate electrical power grids) via fiber, copper and wireless links. We support multiple DS-3 and T1 links both inbound from our backbone providers and outbound to our high-speed, dedicated connectivity customers. In short, we’ve eliminated single points of failure and have made certain to provide for virtually instant recovery in the event of a problem with any element of our enterprise network. Rather than placing our fate, and the fate of our customers in the hands of any single entity, we appropriately spread any risk among multiple, highly reliable partners.

Hosting: inetUSA offers a wide array of hosting arrangements – custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. These include dedicated rack space; dedicated individual servers; shared virtual servers; program-driven websites and a complete array of support services as required. We support streaming video and audio; all standards-based data types; SQL server; Microsoft and Linux/Unix platforms.  Basically, if you have communication needs that traverse across the Internet, we can house it and distribute it.

Security: inetUSA maintains the specific level of firewall protection that is required by our customers. This is determined from our client security requirement audit process and we make certain that all of our supported servers are vigilantly maintained with the very latest security and operational updates. In addition, all of our servers are backed up daily and we employ a dedicated offsite backup storage facility to provide for complete data security.

Development: inetUSA is justifiably proud of our experienced, long term development team which regularly meets the project needs or our clients, regardless of complexity (or simplicity). Our skills include database design and implementation, XML data transport and interface, Adobe Cold Fusion, WordPress, e-commerce, high-performance web design, search engine optimization and most importantly, top-notch inter and post-project support. Our work does not stop on project delivery and we are always there to help our clients meet their ever-changing needs and requirements. We are large enough to provide for almost any need, but never lose or focus on providing customer-service, second to none.

Printing Services: inetUSA own and operates a high speed digital press that allow the printing of virtually anything such as: a simple set of business cards, a set of postcards, a personalized direct-mail campaign, even an elaborate multipage brochure for an annual meeting.  Everything in glossy full color and to the highest professional standards.  Additionally, as part of our overall concierge marketing program, each printed item, wherever it’s appropriate, ties back to our client’s website with both a printed link and an embedded QR code for mobile use.