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The Challenge

Go big or go home.

Well, that’s hard to do when home is the problem.

The community around you is filled with so many people with brilliant insight, stories, experiences, ideas, skills.  These are your neighbors, your son or daughter’s classmates at school, the guy who makes your coffee every morning, your friends and family.

Everyone has something unique to offer the world we live in.

And sometimes, maybe more than we recognize, we can make all the difference just by offering our neighbors a hand.

The Purpose

The Back the Pack mission is to help those struggling with homelessness, poverty, and extenuating emergency circumstances that created a financial burden too big to bear, by providing them with backpacks filled with supplies, clothing, food, helpful resources, and feel-good items to make such times less stressful.  Intrinsically, we want people to know their friends and neighbors value them regardless of what the situation they are dealing with right now.

We want people to know their friends and neighbors have their back.

The Goal

Our goal is to identify who could use our help right right in our own backyard(s), what items would be the most beneficial to include in each of the backpacks we give to somebody, and how to distribute the backpacks to them in a dignifying manner, characterized by grace and integrity.

To make this overall goal sustainable, we are also aiming to identify important points of contact within different communities and organizations who can help make this initiative bigger and better.  We are aiming to expand our outreach to media, public figures, sponsors, and community members nationwide who could help make a difference.

Your Role

For Back the Pack to reach the people who need it most, sponsors and volunteers will be needed to assist with local and national outreach, distribution, fundraising, public relations, and social media/blogging.  Please contact us if you’d like to be involved.

Having our neighbors’ backs is a worthwhile endeavor.  Every bit of help counts and is appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Back the Pack is a not-for-profit initiative that fills backpacks with supplies, clothing, snacks, and other resources and feel good items and puts them directly in the hands of those in our communities who need it most. Back the Pack was launched by a team of coworkers working within a family-style company called inetUSA. It began with a question posed at a workgroup meeting around the 2018 holiday: “What are we doing this year to give back during this season of giving?” Well, very quickly we agreed to extend this initiative to something that wasn’t limited just to the holiday season, neither to our own back yard.
Back the Pack works around Cocoa, FL, and is currently expanding into surrounding communities. As Back the Pack grows, we plan to expand anywhere we have volunteers to do the groundwork of distributing the packs.
Yes! In fact, inetUSA would love to offer some of our services to companies who help us grow Back the Pack into something big. Please reach out to us so we can get you on board!
Yes! Our first backpack delivery was 26 backpacks to people without homes in the Cocoa area.
Yes! • Geographically into new communities • In partnership with a growing number of sponsors, affiliates, and caring community members • Into other areas where those less fortunate need help - For example, we would love to start making packs for people who are recovering from medical procedures or dealing with sicknesses who might not be able to afford some basic care items to make their recovery a bit brighter.
According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Annual Homeless Assessment Report[1], as of 2017 there were around 554,000 homeless people in the United States on a given night, or 0.17% of the population.